Friday, September 3, 2010

The one in which I make an announcement.

Attention, all. This baby factory is shutting down permanently on October 26, 2010.


I am 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I am physically miserable. I had to go to the ER on Wednesday night because I lost over half my vision in my left eye and a few spots of vision in my right. My left hand was also falling asleep randomly. (Before you ask, no I am not retaining water. I'm not swollen at all, thankfully! Chalk that up to chasing a toddler all day. :))

Here's how it all began...
I was teaching my advanced acrobatics class on Wednesday night. My studio is super warm in heat like we've been having, so we were taking it easy. We were all actually sitting in front of the fans, talking about "setting up back tucks." (like you care! :)) I was speaking to a girl named Allison and all of a sudden, I couldn't see her face. disappeared into a black hole. I thought it was just a floater or something, so I rubbed my eyes and blinked...and nothing. It got progressively worse. I left the room and went to call my mom, I couldn't see my cell phone to dial! Scary stuff. I let my class go early, which no one minded thanks to this EXTREME heat.

My dad, the best dad in the world just so you know, came down and watched tv at my house while Rory slept. Dave and I drove to the ER and I was diagnosed with 2 lovely things:
1) Pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. what. the. heck. okay.
2) Ocular Migraines. These are not necessarily painful migraines behind your eyes. Mine don't have any pain when they are happening, but I did wake up with a minor headache yesterday after the episode was over.

There's nothing we can do about either thing. I just have to wait it out. Add that to the list of things I'm just waiting out. I'm waiting out this intense rib pain, my sciatica and now ocular migraines and random bouts of carpal tunnel.

All this uncomfortable stuff is making me crabby, and I don't mean to be. It's making me exhausted, which is typical, but not necessary. It's putting me on edge, it's limiting my work, I actually had to back out of a dance committment for today which I really try never to do! (Not a big deal, we just rescheduled for next week...but still!) I am short tempered with Dave, which is never good. I think I'm a little resentful, if I was to be perfectly honest. I'm tired of having weird things going on with my body that I can't control or really do anything about. I want this little man to be HERE, so I can fix his problems and feel better.

Isn't it weird that I am looking forward to C-section recovery?! FYI: It's not bad AT ALL. Yes, it's painful in your abdomen but I took the 600 mg Tylenol a few times a day the first week and after that I was fine. I never even got the "real" pain medicine perscription filled. It's more just an adjustment for a few days then anything.

With Rory, I had serious nauseau for 16 weeks or so and PUPP rash from week 22 to week 30. I also had the sciatica issues.

My body just doesn't do well being pregnant! I, thank the Lord, had little trouble getting pregnant and carry the babies to term just fine, but I deal with all sorts of WEIRD symptoms and side effects along the way. Because of all of this, my Doctor, Dave and I have decided that no more, no thank you, shut this thing DOWN.

I'm kinda relieved, to be honest. Dave and I only ever wanted 2 kids but I always worried I'd get sad for newborns and try for a 3rd. I know I don't want to have to worry about making that call. I need it to be over with.

This post is scattered, and I'm sorry. But I'm exhausted and worn out. I feel pretty awful today, nauseuous and sore. I'm doing the absolute best I can and it's not getting me very far today. Say a prayer for me! It's a long 8 weeks ahead.


Laura said...

Awww man... That's a bummer that pregnancy sucks so much for you. :( I think I would be making the same decision. And because you are making that decision I am so happy that you will get to experience raising a daughter AND a son!!

Kelly said...

Ohhhh my, Kate!! What a scary experience :-( Sooo glad you're okay! Hang in there... feeling for you. Just think: you have your girl and boy, the perfect ammount of each ;-) Enjoy your weekend and take it easy!!

Sandy said...

Wow...that's scary! Just think- you're never going to be pregnant again! You're in the home stretch! (Don't mean to be all patty-positive here, but thought you could use a little cheerleading).

Melissa said...

Girl, i do not blame you one bit. Crazy all of those things you are experiencing. Hang in there! I am praying for you.

i have to ask - my right hand randomly goes numb all the time. Does that mean i have carpal tunnel??? It usually does it while i'm driving or writing. I've wondered why but didn't know it was a symptom of carpal tunnel, so that didn't really cross my mind.

anyway, hang in there... can't wait to see pics of your baby boy!!