Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Update: 31 weeks

Pregnancy Week-by-Week
How Far Along: 31 weeks and 3 days! Where in the world has time gone??

Size of baby: Huge. I mean a squash. I'm getting ginormous over here, people.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 pounds gained total. And I swear to you, it's all in my stomach. Trace is like a watermelon shoved up my shirt where as Rory was more round all over.

Maternity Clothes: You better believe it.

Gender: Trace Joseph. :)

Movement: He's apparently prepping for his first soccer season in there, kicking and diving all over the place!

Food Cravings: I am hungry for Tositos and cheese dip. I would also like a tuna melt, but I don't want to make the tuna myself because I will gag.

What I miss: We are going to my dad's company picnic at a water/amusement park this weekend and I just lately realized I can't really any rides! That will be weird! haha

Sleep: What's that?

Symptoms: I've been having sciatica issues lately. Yuck.

Best Moment this week: One of my students said "What if Trace turns out to be a girl?" We all just got dead silent. I could happen! Hopefully it won't!

What I am looking forward to: Rory's room is done!! We are starting on Trace's the weekend after this one. Yay!!

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Linds said...

glad to know I am not alone in the sciatica issues. It's KILLING me (and I'm 5 weeks behind you!).