Sunday, August 15, 2010


Want to see what my husband would look like if he was blonde?

That, right there, is Charles Howell III. Also known as Dave's Doppleganger. I mean HELLO.

This is Dave...

I don't have any golfing pictures of Dave on this computer for some reason. But imagine he was golfing.

This is Charles Howell III with Tiger Woods!

Now Charles has a pointier smile (weird smile, actually) but other than that...badabing!

I also have a Doppleganger...just about as good as Dave's!

That's Lucy Camden from 7th Heaven. Prettttty much my twin!

We're a little bored tonight, can you tell? :)


Neely said...

You do look a lot like Lucy Camden..I miss 7th heaven

Kelly said...

Oh wow!! You two look JUST like those two celebs!! Lucky you ;-) I don't look like anyone but myself, hah!

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