Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rory Update

Rory is growing up in monster steps lately. I'm appreciating it, because we are getting a lot of stuff out of the way before Trace arrives, but I also do not like this idea of a little big girl running around my house! Where did time go!? :)

Yesterday, while I was at work, Dave was moving her furniture in to her new big girl room. (Yep, big girl room!) Rory was "helping" by watching and staying out of the way. He had fed her carrots and pizza for dinner and she still had a little pizza left. He put her plate on the coffee table and told her that was her snack for the night. (What a great Dad! I'm so thankful!) After a few minutes watching Dave, Rory went out to the living room. Dave spied on her, like a good parent. :) She rummaged through her tea set and found a purple plastic fork. She carried her fork in one hand and her plate, nice and flat, in the other back into her new room, perched it on the bed, climbed up and tried to eat with a fork! Dave showed her on a piece how to "stab" her food. Rory then proceeded to sit on the bed and eat every piece with her fork like it was no big thing and she'd been doing it for years.

What a woman.

Rory tells us when she has pooped, points to her diaper and tries to take it off after she has peed...Potty Training is on our horizon! She is fascinated with the toilet and always wants to "try to pee!" like a big kid.

She is growing up in leaps and bounds. I couldn't be prouder. :)

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