Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday tid bits

1) I am officially OUT of my first trimester! WOOOHOOOO!! I'm 14 weeks even, according to the calendar. Last ultrasound though, the baby was measuring 4 days ahead, so we'll say...14w2d or so. :) I look forward to the second trimester because then I might be able to regain some energy. The last 10 wweeks or so, I've been exhausted beyond belief. Come home from dance and fall asleep within 10 minutes! It's been rough. I've even had to lay down during Rory's nap a few times. That puts a damper on my time to get things done. (haha)

2) The dance recital is only 5 weeks away! This is beyond exciting, especially since I have the rough draft of the program done, the awards ordered and delivered, award winners (preliminarily) picked out, my dress is here, costumes are all here and handed's just been GOOD this year. God is smiling on this recital. I am honoring the teacher I trained with for 15 years this year. Our show is called TRIBUTE and it is all songs I danced to when I was at my studio growing up. I have interspliced the show with anecdotes and pictures and I think it's pretty great. :)

3) My 9 year old cousin Kaarina SMASHED the all school all time pull up record this week. They were doing their first Presidential Physical Fitness Test. Nine year old girls are to do 3 pull ups to qualify. Kaarina, a gymnast and dancer for YEARS, did 23 pull ups!! TWNETY THREE! She made herself stop because she was "bored" she told me. Kaarina's goal for next year is thirty seven. Note, she's only in 3rd grade so by 5th, when she leaves elementary school, she'll probably hold the top 3 records! GO GIRL! :)

4) Rory turns one on Thursday. That's about all I can say about that without crying so yep. My girl is growing rrrrright up.

5) I have been having terrible heartburn the past few days. Anyone have any suggestions on medicines or tricks? I take Tums and it does help, but I'm always looking for something better. :)

Enjoy your Sunday! Dave and I are going shopping for little lady's birthday BY OURSELVES. That hasn't happened since March, so yep. Good things. :)

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Melissa said...

Congrats on Trimester 2!

And so exciting about your recital! I like the theme - Tribute! Sounds awesome!! :) :)