Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dreaming of Disney on a Dreary Day

How'd you like that alliteration up there? Huh? Pretty great! :)

Today it is freezing in the forest. It was litterally 51 degrees when I left the studio this morning. It's raining and extremely windy. It's a dreary, yucky, grey day. So what's a dance teacher to do on a day today? Well I worked this morning (yes folks, again. I've worked every weekend, except one, since March 27. Loooove competition season! :)) and now I am sitting at home, eating some Subway and dreaming about being in my happy place...

Disney World.

It is my favorite place on Earth. Allow to explain my obsession. My dad works for a company that sells security screens, railings and portable jail cells. He's the Sales Manager, so he travels quite a bit. (Note, he had this job when I was little, left and sold insurance for 10 years or so while we were doing ministry so he could make his own schedule and is now back to the original job! Circle of life. :)) Every year, or close to it, from when I was one until perhaps 8 years old, he had a conference in Orlando. We would go down, stay at the Orange Lake Resort and spend good, quality family time at the World. When I was older, say 5th grade, we camped at Fort Wilderness on Disney property for 2 weeks. (AWESOME experience!)

Then it goes serious. I have 2 older brothers, half brothers really. They are my dad's boys from his first marriage. Mikey, the youngest but closest to me in age is 8-9 years older than me. He was in college at this point and was doing the Disney College Program. (HIGHLY recommend it! Ask me about it, if you have a kid who needs an internship or job in any field!) We got to go down two summers in a row, stay on property and enjoy all the lovely "Cast Member" (employee) discounts on tickets, etc. He eventually met his wife at Disney World, fyi. :)

I fell in love with the atmosphere of the place. Everything sparkled. Sure, it was crowded at times, it was hot in the summer, it was an amusement park. But at the same time, it was different. People smiled more, the cares just seemed to float away...I dreamed of the day I could dance in a parade at Disney World. I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. I was a Disney Nut! (Was? Try still am! :))

So today, as I sit here, watching the rain drizzle down my window and the dark grey clouds swirl about the trees...I wonder. I count roughly in my head the days until March, 2012 when Dave and I can take both Rory and Pumpkin Head (and my competitive dance team!) to Disney. I can't wait. I turned Dave into a Disney Nut, Rory and Pumpkin have no choice. They might as well join in the madness.

Dave, if you read this (haha!), a great Mother's Day gift would be a membership to the Disney Vacation Club...if we had an extra 30,000 lying around. ;)

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Neely said...

Disney Vacation club...a girl can dream right?