Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mission Monkey

Click on monkey to donate…please help!


I am a sucker for cancer. I have lost my dear Grandma when I was 11 to brain cancer, my Grandpa recently overcame bladder cancer and my second mom, Brenda, has battled cancer 8 times and is currently in treatment. That is just a small portion of my life. Dancers' moms, dads, grandparents, friends' moms and dads...the list is endless. I am an advocate for breast health and preventative measures for ALL types of cancer. I do what I can, whenever I can, to help cancer research and there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't. I RELAY faithfully every year.

That being said. My heart was broken againthis week for a BABY with cancer. Neuroblastoma, to be exact. I am familiar with this cancer, a child from my mom's pre-k classroom a few years ago has battled this same type. It is a rigorous, absolutely heart wrenching form of cancer. This little baby, Monkey, is only 16 months old. That's just a skip older than Ro.

I can't put in to words how much my heart aches for Monkey, her 2 sisters and her parents. Click on the link above to read more about their story and if possible donate to help. The costs of cancer go above and beyond what you can imagine. (Unless of course you've been there...) Sure, insurance covers a lot, but not all, of the medical treatments but gas, food, babysitters, extra clothes, supplies, perscriptions...Frustrating and worrisome.

I'm praying for Monkey faithfully. Are you?

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