Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top 10 Things I Love About Dave


It's the last day of Mama M's Valentines Extravaganza Week. I participated as faithfully as this crazy week would let me. I've really enjoyed it! Check our her blog here.

10 Things I Love About Dave...(not in any particular order, except number one!)

10) His stupid sense of humor. He thinks the dumbest things are funny and thinks he is the funniest person on earth. It's adorable and it entertains me to no end.

9) His eyes! I *love* green eyes and I hope Ro gets that trait from him. (It's looking promising...)

8) The way he talks in his sleep. bahaha It is amazing. Someday I'll do a post of great things he's said in his sleep.

7) His improving attitude towards our family of 3. It was such a huge adjustment for him and he's worked so hard to become a fantastic father. He'll never stop working at it and that's the most important quality in a good father, I think.

6) His ability to eat all the cookies and candy and ice cream before I get home at night to eat it myself! hahaha

5) His constant strive to make life good for me and Rory.

4) His faith.

3) The way he looks at me after the recital. He is so proud of me.

2) His crappy taste in music. (Sorry, bud, your music is lame-o, but luckily is mostly what I like too!! ha! :))

1) His unconditional love and trust in me. Can't get better than that.


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

What a lovely Valentine tribute! Your husband sounds awesome, hope you two had a fantastic day!

Have a great week!

Shell said...

How sweet! My Hubs thinks he's doing me a favor by eating all the sweets, too.