Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza!


First off, I *love* Mama M! She is so down to earth and wonderful in her posts. I won a giveaway she had a few weeks ago as well, fyi. :) I am joining in her Valentine's Extravaganza a few days late. (I was on vacation!) Here's the run down...

Sunday (tomorrow): The story of how you met the love of your life...or, if you haven't yet met the love of your life tell me how you met your best friend!
Monday: Your favorite date story (good or bad!!), or the best night out you've had with your bestie!
Tuesday: Engagement stories!! (If you'd like...throw in a photo of your bling!)
Wednesday: What is your favorite memory of your wedding day (or, tell me your favorite memory with your aforementioned best friend!)?
Thursday: (per suggestion of Mr. Wonderful) Tell the story of your love's biggest romantic screw up.
Friday: 5QF...love style! I've put up a thread specific to this 5QF...check it out here and offer up your questions!!
Saturday: Photo Day...show me a favorite photo with your love or your best friend!
Sunday: Ten things you love about your love!

Since it's already TUesday, I have some serious catching up to do. Let's go...

Sunday: How you met the love of your life.
Preface: I love my Dave more than life. I am so grateful for him but man that man is shy! This is very important to know before I begin. (Laura will back me up here...she's his sister!)

It was the summer of 2005 and I was housesitting for my Aunt and Uncle while they were in Finland. This was also the height of the Myspace craze, mind you. One day I had a request from some kid on myspace and I messaged him to find out if he was a creep. Turns out he was the cousin of my best friend's boyfriend. (Follow?) We started talking daily and eventually he was coming home from his internship for the weekend. He said he would call and we'd get together.

Friday...no call. Saturday...no call. Sunday...no call.

Ummmm excuse me?

So I messaged him the next week and basically said I don't THINK so. He said he was busy with family stuff all weekend. Okay, fine, I can understand that. Not a lot of time on the weekends, that's cool. We continued talking every night until 1 or 2 am. (Note, Dave is a golf course superintendent and would be getting up for work at 4:30. That's love, baby.) Eventually, he had a week off at the end of the summer. He was going to call, he swore. Well he didn't call, but he did IM. He was going to the local carnival each night of that week with his best friend and would I be down there at all?


I was frustrated and ticked. I stopped talking to him through out the entire fall. THen one day in December, out of nowhere, he im'ed me. We started talking and eventually he asked if we could meet up. I said yes, but only if he was serious this time. I made him come to my house for the first date, I figured that way if he stood me up, I wouldn't be waiting somewhere like a loser! haha

He showed up, right on time. And I never looked back.

Monday: Favorite Date Story
Hmmm...this is a tough one. Dave and I love to go on adventurous dates and try new things. Just this past week we became 12 years old again and went to Disney World for 5 days. We ate new things at every restaurant and went on rides we knew would make us nauseous.
Our favorite date though? I really don't know. I can't pick one. I like any time I get that's just Dave and I. And now I like any time that's our family of three.

Wait. I can pick one.

Last Friday, Dave and I went to eat at the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort in Disney World. It was way fancier than anywhere we'd ever been before and we loved it. We laughed at ourselves for not knowing how to pronounce things, we ate the BEST pork of all time. (amaaaaazing!) We watched the fireworks from the roof, overlooking the Magic Kingdom. We got on the wrong monorail coming home and ended up going in circles. Dave told the bus driver the wrong hotel and we laughed until our stomachs hurt. We were so happy and carefree. That's a moment I wish I could capture in a bottle. Riverside? YEP!

Tuesday: Proposal Story.
Confession...I knew Dave was going to propose the day he did it. I KNEW. I can't help it. He had offered to cook me dinner on a Wednesday because I was working days and he wanted to do something nice. This seemed very nice and not all that out of ordinary, he likes to do nice things for me. But then that Monday morning, he called and said he wanted to cook THAT night at my Aunt and Uncle's house where again I was housesitting. (Interseting to note...Dave and I eventually bought that house!) I told my assistant, Tara, that he was going to propose that night. I told her it was going to be that night.

I got back to the house, showered and changed in to jeans and a t-shirt. (See, I didn't want Dave to think I was on to him. :)) He came down and cooked spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. He brought key lime pie for dessert. (Gag me! haha) Then before I started to clean up he told me he had one more thing for me, got down on one knee and proposed. I cried, I laughed and of course I said yes!!! We drove all around town, to my parents', my sister's, the dance studio and my aunt's to show off the ring and celebrate! One of the best nights of my life.

So what are you waiting for?! Join in! Romance is in the air, friends.
Full Disney Trip Report coming soon. :)


Laura said...

hahah Kate! I had no idea that Dave left you hanging all those times at the beginning!

Cheers to having a myspace match up in the fam! :)

It's kind of fun hearing these things about my brother haha.

Anonymous said...

Love your story! :)

Sandy said...

love your stories. Can't wait to read the rest this week. Found you on Mama M's site.

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

love all of it! Glad you gave him another chance - felt like I had to that with mine....all about patience