Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 5

I am totally ripping this idea of Kelly over at Keeping Up with Kelly and Co. But please remember, I've been blogfree for a week so I need to catch up in the worst way.

Kelly is talking about her top 5 celebrity crushes. Now, mind you, she's happily married to her dear husband, as am I to mine. Dave and I often discuss good looking celebrities. In no way is this bad or inappropriate. These are people we will never ever meet and we don't talk about it seriously, but completely in jest. So. There you go.

My number one cutest cutie cute cute...

Matthew McConaughey.

Need more proof? Sigh. Okay.

Yep. Winner. Loves it.
Want to watch proof? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Fool's Gold and Failure to Launch are great...so is The Wedding Planner.

John Krasinski

My sister totally doens't understand my love for Jim, I mean John Krasniski. He is adorable and I think he is fantastic in THE OFFICE. Dave and I loe it and are midly obsessed with it...just mildly. ;)

Willie Parker

I'm a proud member of Steeler Nation and that man up there? Yeppppp. No words.

Christian Bale

Hello Christian Bale fans? He was hot a long time before The Dark Night. YEP. Little Women is amazing! Funny story, one time I played Jo in a play version of LW and whenever I spoke to Laurie out the window (he was never there, it was always suggested he was there) I imagined him! haha

Robert Sean Leonard

Okay please don't think I have some huge thing for older guys, but I've loved RSL since he was in Dead Poet's Society. I mean hello awesome. :)

Honorable mentions go to Reggie Bush, George Clooney and Keith Urban.


Kelly said...

Ahhhh! I'm so glad you did this post because I wanted to respond back to you from your comment to me (you're "no reply" and I can't find your email anywhere, sadness!) Anyways, I'm so glad I have a fellow Laurie-lover ;-) Isn't he just the greatest?? *sigh* "Failure to Launch" was on this weekend and I had a fun time watching Matthew-- I mean, the movie ;-)

Hope your day is going well, can't wait to read that Disney update!

Shell said...

Woohoo for black and gold! :)

You know, I never made the connection between Wilson and Dead Poets Society- now I don't see how I could have missed it, since I adore House. Though House is the one I think is adorable on that show.