Monday, October 28, 2013

Trace is Tres!

On Oct 25, my sweet little blondie boy turned THREE. I can not believe he is three! Where did time go?!

Seems like just yesterday he was this adorable little tiny baby...

And now he's three?!

Oh my sweet boy! I love you Trace!!

Last weekend, we had a family party to celebrate. It was, of course, Penn State themed since Trace is earnestly obsessed with all things Penn State, especially Penn State Football!

My mom is awesome! She hand drew all these fun posters and decorations!

The party was at my mom's house. She has a gorgeous old Victorian house and it's perfect for parties...much better than my tiny little one story. :)

Opening his One Star General Uniform from his Aunt Kate, a Lt Col in the Army! :)

Checking out his new jersey...

We love you so much Fizz!

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