Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poppin' Pins

I feel like I've been on Pinterest for years. It probably has been 2 years at least...well that's not true. It has to be at least 3 because I just deleted the board I made for Trace's first birthday ideas and he's three now so...

Wow. Time flies!

That being said, I've gone through spurts where I'll pin like crazy and then not even look at the website for a few months. Lately, though I've been pinning regularly.

Here's what I've discovered lately:

These Pandora Stations are awesome! I'm a big fan of the of the Yoga Workout Station.

How adorable is this?! I think it'd make a perfect Christmas gift for my staff or for the kids' teachers...hmmm...

I'd be really happy to see this under my Christmas tree...cough cough

This tattoo...I'm actually planning to get this, with a slight twist. If I don't wimp out that is.

I'm repurposing an old key organizer hanger thing we never really use in to this! I love a good upcycle...especially Disney related. ;)

What have you been pinning??

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Laura said...

There are no links or photos... just words. :)