Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My House

Sometimes, I look around at my life and wonder what happened.

The other day, I was looking through pictures from when Rory was a toddler and Trace was just a baby. My house was SO CLEAN. Everything was picked up and straight, the table was clear, no baskets of laundry everywhere, the floor was vacuumed...sigh. Those were the days.

Now my house...well it's "clean" but not organized. The counters are wiped, the bathrooms are cleaned, the carpet gets vacuumed weekly and the laundry gets done. But I miss the organized, pretty house I used to have. I miss the living room looking like a living room and not ToysRUs. (lol!!)

Rory's bedroom is a disaster 100% of the time. As orderly and linear as she is in every other area of her life, her bedroom is always a war zone. Toy boxes emptied all over the floor, clothes pulled out of drawers, crayons and coloring books all over. You can never see the floor.

And it drives me nuts.

I brought it up to the therapist. We clean Rory's room, get it all straightened up and nice and within 20 minutes, it's a disaster again. Apparently, that's very common among kid with Rory's issues. Their room is their domain and they need it how they need it. It's like they feel free in their room to be disorderly when every other area of their life, they are compelled to be on the straight and narrow.

It makes sense! Even though I don't share a lot of the same issues with Rory, I know there are area of my life where I feel it's okay to let things slide. My desk at the studio always has piles of papers and coffee cups scattered about. It doesn't bother me very often because it's my space and the rest of the studio is swept, picked up and wiped clean.

I'm going to try a lot harder at keeping the house more the way I like it. I've got in to a good routine with the laundry and it rarely piles and stacks up around me anymore. (VICTORY!) My side of the bedroom is clean 95% of the time now and the bathrooms are always clean. I need to do better at the clutter that is my living room though...and I really need to go through the kids toys.

But's intimidating. I could pretty much stock my own Toy Store this Christmas with things the kids don't play with. But you know the minute I give a toy away, they are crying and begging for that toy they haven't seen or thought about in months. It never fails! lol

How's your house? Do you have a cleaning schedule? Any tips??

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Laura said...

I try to have the living room and dining room clean at the end of every day. I try not to let the bedrooms get to me. We can close the doors on those rooms. :)

I know I am able to relax better in a clean house but let's be honest... I am just not good at keeping the ENTIRE thing clean and in order. So I do the two rooms that matter the most.

We stopped storing toys in the living room. Toys "live" in the bedrooms. They can bring toys down to play with but they have to be put away at the end of every day. That way my downstairs doesn't get taken over.

I need to get back into the habit of having someone over once a week... makes me get the house clean and keep it clean!