Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Time is for Pretty Toes.

Spring has finally sprung here in the forest. By that I mean, there's no God forsaken snow flake graphics in the ten day forecast on Weather.com It's not exactly warm...but we're getting there! The sunshine has me thinking about summer which means time at the pool which of course means, cute toes are a must!

Here are some of my favorite pedicure ideas floating around Pinterest...
Love all these colors!
 I think this might be my recital pedicure...it is Studio K colors after all! :)
Love the cheetah but I think I'd do it only on my big toe. Then the rest of my toes would be the color of the heart.
LOVING the Chevron...but again, I'm more of a design on the big toe, plain little toes. Maybe I'll do the camo one on all the girl cousins when my aunt comes home from her deployment in June?
So sunny and fun!
This one is my current fave! I am going to try it out tonight...
Do you like nail art on your toes? Are you bold or more of a single color girl? Any fun ideas you plan to try out?


Rachel said...

I need to go paint my toenails!!!

Leslie Germain said...

Hi Kate. I am your new follower. Found you on North East Bloggers. The postpartum depression comment caught my attention since I too am a survivor. Would love for you to stop by and say hi.