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Disney World Recap 2: EPCOT

Disney World Recap Part 2: EPCOT
This trip was a combined present for my birthday, Dave's birthday, Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. Jan 5, Jan 26, Feb 14 and March 24 are all so close together it's difficult to keep coming up with presents...especially right after Christmas. So each year, we usually do a weekend away somewhere. Last year, we had plans to do a bigger trip for our 5 yr anniversary but ended up doing a week at Disney for dance.
This time around, last October actually, we started throwing out ideas for where to go...and both of us (yes even DAVE!) wanted a few days to ourselves at our favorite place on Earth: Disney World.

That all  being said! We spent a lot of time doing "new together" things at DHS, EPCOT and MK. Today I want to talk about EPCOT...
We went to EPCOT twice. One night late at night and one day afternoon to evening.
We ate at Le Chefs de France. It was delightful! The food was delicious, the service very attentive and we had a table right by the window. If I was thinking, I would have stretched our meal out and kept that table for Illuminations...
which, by the way, I have yet to see.
I'm pledging to see it on our dance trip next June!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="Happy Birthday, Dave! The waitstaff at Chefs De France singing to him :) photo 66184_652685316751_1627141648_n.jpg"/>
Dave getting sung to in French!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 539966_652685371641_525232373_n.jpg"/>
With his birthday dessert :)
We also did a little bit of drinking around the world...our favorite!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 69688_652685162061_1071830017_n.jpg"/>
Dancing in Morocco!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="HAHAHAHAHAHAHA photo 391191_652685147091_1702795831_n.jpg"/>
Dave...posing in Morocco. He's an embarrassment. ;)
We spent a good bit of time wandering around World Showcase. We love it in WC. There's always something new to discover, a food or drink to try, entertainment to's delightful." target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 62897_652684952481_1788014977_n.jpg"/>
Dave and his favorite princess...although he will tell  you this specific Belle is not the Belle he prefers..." target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 482902_652684932521_1206578229_n.jpg"/>
Jasmine and Aladdin" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="Mulan! photo 556424_652684892601_304349060_n.jpg"/>
Mulan! I've never seen her out and about." target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 540541_652680167071_1274338319_n.jpg"/>
Inside the Mexico Pyramid...near La Cava del Tequilla!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 598671_652685326731_967866155_n.jpg"/>
EPCOT at night
I'm missing a whole bunch of pictures that got lost when our computer crashed in February...somewhere I had tons of pictures of the inside of Mexico, China, Japan, France and England areas...sad.
Guess I'll just have to retake them...June 2014!" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="New Test awesome! photo 549959_652673784861_1950990771_n.jpg"/>
New Test Track was awesome. The interactive stuff in the queue was really interesting. Dave, being a fan of cars, especially loved all the new stuff to look at." target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 149379_652673964501_279922330_n.jpg"/>
Being cute. :)" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 424778_652674019391_296118874_n.jpg"/>" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo 537117_652673944541_625425699_n.jpg"/>" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="Dave's car :) photo 556626_652674293841_890707362_n.jpg"/>
Dave's Car" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt="My car...which beat DAVES in the virtual tests!!! photo 67927_652674268891_1060662123_n.jpg"/>
My car...which BEAT DAVES!!! Thankyouverymuch
Summary: We love EPCOT. When it's just the two of us, we gravitate towards World Showcase, after Fast Passing Soarin' of course. We also really enjoyed the improvements to Test Track. Much more interactive and neat now. We had lunch at Sunshine Seasons and were pleasantly surprised at portion size, value and taste. The much fabled Strawberry Shortcake delivered. yummmm!
Next up...DHS and the Boardwalk.

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