Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh's your birthday!

It's my birthday! Woohoo! I'm officially 28. I don't get too hung up on age, it doesn't really phase me. I'm happy to be older. 20-26 was straight up INSANE. I started a business, met Dave, got engaged, bought a house, got married, had 2 kids...yikes. Being older is very appealing. It means I'm getting the hang of this crazy life, inevitably. :) honor of my birthday, I thought I'd let you know a little bit more about me! I'm sponsoring Neely this month (shout out! She's my fave, for real. She was the first blog friend turned real life friend! I'm so glad I blog. I actually have girlfriends know who you are. ;) AAAAND one who lives in Pittsburgh  (Heeey Cari!) and we're going to meet up soon. (meet you at the outlets?!  :))

Whoa baby. I'm typing this while drinking a Hurricane. Excuse the rambles. :)

So who is this Miss Kate?

Well let me show you...

This is me! My name is Kate.

I'm married to DAVE! Aka Gravey. He's my best friend. I love his green eyes, crazy curly hair and the way he makes our kids laugh. He's the best.
I am Mama to two kiddos...

Rory is 3.5

Trace is 2
They are 17 months apart. And no, I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it like that...unless you want to lose your mind for a year straight.
I live the forest! We have about 3 feet of snow now, though.

I'm a dance teacher. I teach kids to do crazy things like...

I'm a huge fan of a lot of things...but mainly Gilmore Girls (my daughter is named Rory...), DANCE MOMS and Disney.
Oh yeah, that's me and Brooke Hyland. She, Paige and Kelly spent the day at my studio. :)
That's me in a nutshell...I also have depression and anxiety. I'm an open book about it, so if you have any issues or questions...ask me! I'll help you find the best help for you!
Want to connect?
Find me here!
Twitter: @567k8
Instagram: 567kate


Laura said...

I find it funny that you wouldn't recommend having kids 17 months apart because I totally do haha. Of course the fact that you run a business and I stay at home could be a big factor in that difference! :)

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Haha! I love them close together. I fully plan to do that but mainly b/c of my age - i don't have a whole lot of time! :o/

Your kids are so cute. And i love that you are a dance teacher.


Unknown said...

Happy happy birthday! Love your recap! I also love your love of your students! awesome!