Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ballet Up to the Barre 1

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm a Dance Mom-aholic. It's a serious issue. I can't get enough of Abby's particular brand of crazy. Being a dancer and dance teacher myself only fuels my obsession. I decided to combine my love of DM and blogging.

Each week during Season 3, I'm going to bring you my take on each episode: Ballet Up to the Barre. (get it? hehe)  My view on each episode will include a recap, my own pyramid, quote of the week, my favorite dances and of course a sprinkling of my snarky attitude. ;)

First can I say how BRILLIANT I thought the Maniac promo was this season? I myself am somewhat of a steel town girl and love love love Flashdance. Brilliance. I think everyone in my part of PA stood up and cheered the first time. Gotta love it.
First off all, I'm not going to talk too awful much about the train wreck that was "Smoke Before the Fire" interview show. I think Abby succeeded in makin herself look incrediby arrogant and the Holly came off just as Abby described her: professional, lady like and well spoken. Even complaining or questioning is done in a respectful manner.
Jill showed once again that she is doing everything possible to get Kendall ahead...ugh.
Is Abby seriously shocked Melissa's loyalties lie with the other moms now and not her friendship with Abby? COME ON. They all spend more time together than a full time job each week and a good chunk of the summer Abby wasn't around. Who cares? As long as Maddie and Mackenzie are still working hard it doesn't matter whom the mom prefers. Please Abby.
 Christi...oh boy. I have no words.
Kelly broke my heart tearing up about Paige. I have a giant soft spot for the Hyland family after hosting them at the studio. I can assure you from personal experience that regardless of what Abby says, they are wonderful, sweet, talented girls and Kelly is a fun, upbeat and supportive mom. Brooke does a pretty good job at brushing Abby off but my little Paige...she's a sensitive kid.
Overall, I thought the smoke before the fire was weird and only managed to look like more staged drama. I think the producers better be careful...people are starting to catch on to staged situations!  I really believe the moms and kids reactions are real and genuine, but the situations are sometimes a little too "perfect stormy" to be it Lifetime. People see through that!
On to the actual episode...
Brooke and Paige are apparently not coming back. Good try, Lifetime. Anyone with a Twitter or Instagram (or with a good eye during the random ALDC Class shots where Paige is clearly in the front row) knows they come back. The question is when I guess?! I give it 3 episodes MAX.
Abby decided no pyramid! YAY! I hate that freaking pyramid. There's always a heirarchy in dance studios. Some kids excel at acro, some at tap, etc. That naturally gives a heirarchy in each class. But to put it visibly in front of kids is just dumb. Talk about manifesting drama. I have a hard time believing Abby does this in her other classes...ahem.
No solos except Kendall? We'll see how long that lasts...
Open auditions are here again! I'm so taking 3 of my students next year just for fun. I think it's bananas that Abby holds auditions like this. She's nuts.
The new girl is ALLY! She's very pretty in her dance clothes. Excellent long legs and pretty feet. I think she looks too old though...she might only be 1 or 2 years older than Chloe (1.5 if memory serves me...) but she looks a lot older. Her mom, Shelley, seems normal. But we all know no one is normal at the ALDC for long. They are from New Orleans so uhh...yeah that's not going to last long. I give Ally this week and then I bet she's gone next week.
Group Dance:
Angel and Demons. It was rotten of Abby to teach Chloe the special part then give it to the new girl. Rotten. It makes for good tv and good reaction from the moms but Chloe is just a kid. Give her a break. Rotten rotten rotten. Overall, I thought the dance was really neat! Music was pretty, costumes were gorgeous and the choreography was different. Very neat! Looks like a good group dance season.
I'm glad Abby finally came clean about them learning a few dances and a handful of solos over the break. I understand that they do learn a good chunk of each dance in 3 days or less (straight out of Kelly's mouth: sometimes they only have an HOUR and have to rehearse in a hotel room!) But they clearly learn chunks (phrases) of choreography that appear, slightly tweaked, in multiple dances a season. They have to! They are just kids.
Mackenzie's solo was weak. Abby needs to give this tiny little girl a break. The music was dumb, costume wasn't cute and she looked exhausted. If I was Abby, I'd be worried about her. She looks burned out and it makes me sad!
Maddie's solo was very nice. Costume was beautiful, but it was another day, another lyrical. Start on the floor, extend the leg behind her head, arm movement, arm movement, straddle roll,'s like a formula they just plug in. Maddie is capable of SO MUCH MORE and she doesn't get to show it because she's so rushed each week. I hope in the breaks when Maddie competes with the normal ALDC that she has a solo that shows her off better...
Chloe's solo was pretty. I love to watch her because I'm jealous of her long legs. (sigh) I want to see these girls do more than LYRICAL.
Kendall's solo...was sluggish. Jill was right, it was good, not great.
I wish the new girl would have done a solo! I'd leave to see what she is really capable of!
On to Weekly Wins:
Fave Dance of the Week: Angel and Demons.
Least Fave: Kenzie's solo...poor girl.
Top of my Pyramid: Nia! She was serving it in the group. Werk.
Quote of the week: "Their Meet and Greets are like a for a ticket, take a picture of a bear, move on." -Abby


Ashley said...

I haven't watched the episode yet, but I LOVED the maniac commercial! So so cute!

Amber said...

How fun! I have never seen this show, but maybe I will start watching so I can keep up with your updates ;)

Sar said...

I really loved Ally (and Shelley seemed completely normal, I agree) which is why they weren't on the promos for the rest of the season. Sad day. :( I do NOT like Payton or Leslie, though, so I hope they stay away. Is it okay that I kind of miss Kaya ("Black Patsy")?!

Love the recap!