Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ballet Up to the Barre 2

Time for some serious crazy...oh Abby...

Does anyone else watch Buheads? (Mondays, ABCFamily It's fantastic. It's written by Amy Sherman-Paladino, aka the creator of Gilmore Girls! It's basically GG 2.0, even a lot of the same actors. Good stuff.) Well this week, Fanny referenced Abby like this:
"If they (the parents) don't like it, they can take their daughter to the enormous woman with the ridiculous pyramid who's students have knock knees and post traumatic stress."
Best one line summary of Abby EVER! ;)
This week's episode was...not my favorite.
I don't subscribe to the idea that reality tv is  "real," of course. If you do, well I've got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. I understand that situations are manufactured by producers. The reactions of the moms are real, but certainly the storylines are guided and nudged by the producers.
This whole Abby replaces the entire team thing? Gimme a break.
Some reasons I didn't like this episode:
1. There's no way in heck that Sophia Lucia could just drop everything that kid has going on and fly to Pittsburgh. She's super busy and constantly working. Her arrival and departure date from the ALDC had to be set up in advance. Give me a break. I love Sophia, I think she's amazing. I have watched her since that first time she was on Ellen, doing pirouettes. That kind of kid doesn't just show up at the ALDC. Her agent set it up.
Which is fine. I love to watch her dance, so I liked it a lot but...stop trying to make it seem like Abby just called an old pal. There had to be a better way to incorporate that storyline.
2. I didn't like Yvette on Abby's Ultimate Dance Comp and I don't like her cameo on ALDC. Is this a theme this season? Running in to Abby's Ultimate kids all over the place? Because I'm pretty sure a little Twitter bird told me Zach from Abby's Ultimate works with Candy Apples for a while and runs in to ALDC at competition...
I hope the producers realize people are gullible but they aren't totally stupid...people will get bored with over-reaching story lines. Don't jump the shark, Lifetime.
3. It really really annoyed me that these new dancers were okay coming in on a Wednesday and competiting on Saturday and letting Abby take all the credit. First of all, for Sophia Lucia to call herself an ALDC dancer is assinine. That child is impecably trained and that didn't come from 2 days with Abby. Give me a break. If I was her teachers in LA, I'd b a little miffed...give credit where credit is due. Say she is performing with or a special guest of...This probably only annoyed me because as a dance teacher, I've had this happen. It's obnoxious. Teaching dance is crazy hard and well ugh. I'll get off this soapbox before I begin preaching.
4. The new moms...hmmm...manufactured crazy. Sorry, they are way too nice to try and be cray-cray like my fave Kelly. ;)
I'm not going to review the solos or group. I didn't really care. Of course, Sophia's solo was perfection. The group was blah. Yvette's group was cute but...whatever. Ugh.
To sum it up? I'm  disappointed in this episode. I thought the original girls were cute in their performance. It was nice to see them happy while dancing for once.
Lifetime, pull it back. Get back to closer to what the original season was: more dancing and "natural" situations. That's what people like.

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