Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On my nerves.

Want to know what's getting on my nerves lately?
Okay. If you insist.
Yeah I know these are all first world problems. It's alright, I'm keeping things light.
...Husband and wife joint Facebook accounts. I MEAN HONESTLY. (Not all, just the obnoxious ones...)
...the fact that I have no friends on Snapchat over the age of 17. ADD ME. misskateund It's freaking hilarious!
...having to get gas so often. It seems like all I do is drive anymore. Ugh.
...trying to come up with recipes to cook for dinner every night. Take out should be free. And healthy.
...the fact that Modern Family hasn't been new in a couple weeks. I really look forward to my time with the Dunphys!
...the temperature. Now, during the day time I'm loving the low 50's, high 40's we've been rocking. Fall coats and heavy sweatshirts on the kids are so much better than snow coats but I like to be COLD when I sleep so I can snuggle under blankets. :)
...this dumb cough I can't kick. I may need a perscription soon.
...running out of Diet Coke. Threat Level Midnight.
...insomnia. And my stand by Tylenol PM isn't even helping lately. Melatonin?
...how badly I need a pedicure. Yuck.
...people coming late to dance or not paying tuition. SHOW UP AND PAY ME. Please...?
...the fact that my 2 cousins, aunt and uncle just got home from Hawaii and didn't take me! (lol)
...that this fall has gone so quickly. Please dear God don't let the spring go this fast! I'm not ready!!
What's on your nerves lately?

1 comment:

Laura said...

I like melatonin. 1 mg.

Try a small dose. A side effect for some people is crazy vivid dreams.