Monday, November 26, 2012

Dance Moms at Studio K?!

Oh yeah. It's true. Saturday, Nov 25...Paige, Kelly and Brooke Hyland from Lifetime TV's hit show DANCE MOMS came to my studio, Studio K. They brought along Brittany Pent (Brandon from the show's sister!) and held two master classes as well as did two meet and greets.

It was amazing.

First of all, Kelly Hyland is so down to earth, sweet, kind, caring and a wonderful mother to her girls! She was so grateful to me for hosting them (excuse me?!? haha!) and gracious to all the fans. She answered a thousand questions, posed for hundreds of was amazing. She even spent time chatting with Rory and tucked a note Rory wrote her (a scribble on a piece of Doc McStuffins paper) in to her purse.

The girls were super sweet. They were SO TINY. Neither of them are 5 feet tall and then are so skinny. Paige has abs for days and Brooke's shoulders and arms are insane. They are gorgeous dancers. I felt privileged to have them dancing and tumbling in my studio, let alone grouped with  my students. (And Britt Pent...when you win your first Tony, I'll be yanking the pictures out and saying I knew her when! :))

The girls were so polite, so sweet and hilarious. They picked on each other like every other set of sisters. They signed countless autographs, answered nervous questions and tried so hard to make the kids feel at ease. They are very mature, very astute and professional young ladies. Kelly and her husband are raising two wonderful girls in a crazy circumstance!

Some funny moments from the day...
Watching half my elite team thunder down the stairs, out in to the snow, in leos, tights and jazz shoes when they saw their car pull in to the parking lot. HILARIOUS. Totally fan girling! :)
At one point during the day, there was a q&a session with the kids who took the classes and the Hylands. Rory raises her hand to ask a question and when it's her turn she asks...
What happens if you POOK (Rory's way to say puke) in school?
Cue hysterical laughter...and instant mom embarrassment for me! Thankfully, Kelly is a mom and knows how 3 year olds can be. She cracked up and graciously answered Rory "Well honey, they'll send you home!"
Omg. I'm mortified again just retyping the story.
Brooke and me! Excuse my puffy face and tiny was a LONG day. I got over 225 phone calls in the 36 hours leading up to the event. Aiyaya.
My favorite piture of the day...sweet Paigey and my Rosie! I could just scoop Paige up. She is a such a wonderful little girl. I can't imagine what posesses crazy Abby to scream and degrade her so much...but that's another post for another day. This picture is when Paige desperately wanted a pic with Rory. Paige thought Rory was just hilarious and adorable all day. Well at the end, Paige wanted a pic with her...and Rory was not having it. Paige was bribing her with chocolate, pepperoni...anything! It was awesome. Finally she just scooped her up and Rory was KICKING HER. hahaha omg. All I could think of was Rory is going to bruise her, she'll go to pyramid this week (they are filming right now!!) and Abby will be yelling at her "Why are you all bruised?!" and then Rory's tantrum will be talked about on reality tv. ;o) Thankfully, no Dance Moms girls were injured in the taking of the above pic. :)
It was, in all honesty, the second best day of my Studio K career so far. (Second only to Disney Day, of course :)) We are already planning to have them back in the spring/summer. They are so special and I'm grateful I got to share this time with the Hyland family and my students! Wonderful day, wonderful energy and a wonderful family!


Ashley said...

This is seriously cool! I love Dance Moms, and they are my favorite family on the show! The girls seems so sweet!

Melissa said...

I have been dying to see a blog post on this. How did it all come about??? It is so cool! And i don't even watch that show. But still - SO COOL for y'all as a dance studio! Love the pics! :) :) Glad they were so sweet!