Monday, December 17, 2012


I want to post something eloquent about the happenings in Connecticut, but I can't wrap my brain around it enough yet to form adequate words. I'm going to choose joy and choose to honor those beautiful children (and adults) by appreciting my children a little extra this week. It's the least I can do, to choose joy and thankfulness over fear and anxiety. If there's anything I've learned in my years as a teacher of sorts, it's that children naturally choose joy and inspire others to do the same. Lesson learned.

That being said...

It's Monday. Life is moving forward, as it always does. Monday means the start of another week. Rory's school is closed already for Christmas break. This week at dance is Bring a Friend week. (I'm literally insane, I know. :)) Tonight I teach a combo class (1st-2nd graders, mostly) and a beginning Acro class (25 kdg-4th graders) and they will almost ALL bring a friend with them. It's pure insanity. The volume alone is just...nuts. But I love it. I really do love it. The energy and excitement is awesome. It helps pass this last week before Christmas a little easier.

Sidebar. When I was pregnant with Rory, I ended up in the hospital with the same thing as Duchess Kate during Bring a Friend week. That was cra-z-ay. My poor mom and Aunt has to step in and cover for me, along with my high school girls.

ANYWAYS. Wow I'm extra jumpy around-ish today.

I've been doing so much better at cooking meals at home lately. We've only had to get pizza one night during the week and that was a beyond nutty day. :)

Here's what my menu for this week looks like:
Monday: Bisquick Chicken and Biscuits
Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti
Wednesday: Cheese Dreams and Zucchinni Fries (Cheese dreams are the best tuna melts EVER. They are a throw back from my school lunches)
Thursday: Spanish Buns and Green Beans (Another school lunch...I love food from my school cafeteria. It was really good!)
Friday: Sweet and Sour Chicken

For the weekend, I'm hoping to find some good new Crock Pot recipes and maybe a make your own pizza night? I think the kids would get a kick out of adding their own cheese and pepperoni to pizzas. Hmmm...

What have you been cooking lately? Any good recipes to share?



Laura said...

For make your own pizzas it's always fun to do mini ones on english muffins!

I found a great, easy chicken noodle soup recipe for the crock. Let me know if you'd like it.

Amber said...

I am in love with how random this post is :)

I wish I could come help you out with bring a friend week!

Dinners sound delish Good job on making up a menu!