Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rory Update

Well, Rory had her CT scan today. It was...interesting.

We left our house at 4:45 this morning, got to the hospital at 8:15. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, it's AMAZING. Colorful, bright, happy, wonderful. We had the best care in the Radiology department.

Rory had to drink 3 half cups of contrast fluid, one every half an hour the first couple hours we were there. The first time they gave it to her with a little lemonade mixed in. She didn't like it at all. The nurse switched it to an apple juice mix, promised Rory a prize every time she finished and bam. She did it. It took some coaxing at times but she did it. Drank it all and didn't spit any out. Compared to the barium...yep today was a success! She was rewarded with a little Doctor's kit, a princess crown and some sort of little ball popper game. Clearly Dollar Tree fodder for the treasure box but to Rory? It was gold! She was in heaven and that's all that mattered.

She had to have an IV inserted today. I explained to the nurse how really stinking awful our last needle experience was. The PA came in and we decided to give Rory a little nitrious oxide (laughing gas) to calm down. It helped a little...she still was crying in pain but she at least wasn't flailing like a dying duck this time and we could hold her still. The nurse got it in and ready on the first try. Thankfully, she had a nightie on that was way too big and the sleeves covered it up.

We had a delightful time in the waiting room getting ready. We watched tv, played games, drank her special juice...delightful. Rory was awesome.

Then it was time for the actual CT scan.

We went with our radiologist to Pirate Island. Rory's CT room was entirely done as a pirate island. Monkeys, a fake dock, parrots, waves, everything! It was amazing. The actual CT machine was painted like a pirate ship. She hopped right up on the table and started watching Toy Story. She did pretty good until they had to push some fluid through her IV. It doesn't hurt but it scared her. So that set off the fear. She held very still and listened to instructions but man she was scared. She kept having tears roll right out of her eyes. But she did it!! The radiologist said she got good clear pictures and we'll have results on Monday!

The worst part of the whole day was trying to get her IV out. It was taped down really strong, so she couldn't pull it out if she got upset. Good idea...except when we wanted it  out.  She went BANANAS. She was sobbing, shaking, screaming. So scared and yeah it probably hurt quite a bit. At one point, the radiologist told Rory she was breaking her heart and Rory said "you're breaking MY heart." It was priceless. :) She survived though!

After that....we got to leave! Rory was enjoying a Mommy-Daddy date day so we extended it. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and then to Build-A-Bear. We're exhausted. We're worn out. But you know what? My three year old is a champ and I love her. From the bottom of my heart!


Sandie said...

kate this was so sweet and heartbreaking! your poor little girl! you and dave are in my prayers, and of course rory! i'm glad she has such a wonderful mama! xxxxoo

Melissa said...

Aw! She sure was a champ!! So glad it's over now!! Hope you get a good night's rest tonigh! :)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy things went well. Cannot wait to find out results. We have never had anything but the very best care at Children's and were very happy you had a similar experience. God bless you all.

EmilyAnne said...

Hi Kate.
My name is Emily and I just discovered your blog today! I have read through a lot of your archives and I have loved everything I have read. I love how honest and real you are. I love reading your updates about Rory and Trace, and love the way you share your experiences...and the fact that you trust God through ALL of them!

I, too, am a dance teacher (best job in the world!!), and I also struggle with very serious depression. I know that PPD is different, but I found that I could relate to A LOT of the things that you deal with.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I'm your newest follower :)) and I'm anxious to continue reading!!


Lindy said...

I love reading your blog! Hope you all got some answers on Monday!