Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playing in the Leaves

On Saturday, my cousin Connor went to his first Homecoming dance! Of course we had to be the obnoxious family that all showed up for pictures. ;) (Actually it wasn't embarrassing to him, since his date has been my student for 8 years and they were going as friends, not love birds. ;)) He looks so grown up and handsome! His date, Katie, looked gorgeous. So much prettier than when I was a freshman! hahaha

Anyways. While we were standing around outside, my photographer Aunt snapped some great pictures of Rory and Trace playing in the leaves. Just one more reason why I love living in the forest...an awesome fall!

 Yes, those are her jammies. We had a week.


Lindy said...

They're adorable! :)

Neely said...

OMG I cant believe how big they are getting! I feel like Ive been reading your blog since Rory was a little bit!

Tayler said...

Cutest kids ever. I LOVE that first one of Fizzy!