Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thankful on a Tuesday

It's Tuesday. I'm in the midst of a deep anxiety filled pre-Disney trip freak out. Ugh. Packing for toddlers is so hard. But anyways.

I wanted to list some things I'm thankful for today...

1. Bible School. Rory started our town's weeklong community Bible school yesterday and loved it! (Minus the whole it's duing nap time so she melted down as soon as it was over part...) She's excited to go back today. I love that she was telling me all about Noah and the "park" as she called it when she got home. Good stuff, hearing your kid tell Bible stories.

2. Starbucks K-cups. Yes, they are $2.50 more than normal K-cups but I love it. I love feeling like I went to Starbucks even though I'm still home. Here's a tip. If your husband hates strong coffee, like mine, he'll make his coffee with the same K-cup as me. It works great with strong coffee (Starbucks, bold roasts, etc) Cheaper too!

3. Mylar balloons. Super hard to pop and for $3, I got 3 balloons. My son has been rolling around on and smacking these balloons for days now. Win.

4. My Aunt Barb's pool.

5. Domino's Hot and Ready Pizza. Dinner for $5 and no cooking required on 95 degree days. YES.

6. Rainy days the day after I forget to water my plants...!

What are you thankfulf for today?


Meghan said...

I love the Starbucks k-cups, too! Although, my coffee never seems to taste as good as the actual Starbucks. Hmm.

Tayler said...

Im going through Starbucks withdrawal hardcore. I stopped at least 3x a week when I was in State College. Starbucks k-cups sound awesome!

Kristin said...

I have the plastic refillable K-Cup so I can use whatever coffee I want. Would it be cheaper to buy the bags of Starbucks coffee and keep refilling??

Neely said...

I am thankful for you!