Monday, June 4, 2012

Crowning Moment.

I have lots of recital related posts scheduled but for now? I just need to share this picture.

The girl in the short fuschia dress is my studio's new Student of the Year. She has one heck of a year. She lost vision entirely in one eye and is now on serious medicine and twice daily shots to prevent it from happening in the other eye.
Through out the year, Ellie never complained ONE TIME to me about how hard things are now. Never asked for things to be changed to help her. Never took a break, never sat down to rest. Only one time did she ever ask for something and that was a bandaid when her shot spot bled more than usual. That's it. A bandaid. This kid is amazing.

What strikes me most about this picture?
Look at the kids sitting on the floor. There's a row of standing students directly behind Ellie. They are the other awards winners. But the kids on the floor behind them are just watching. Spontaneously, they all got up and cheered. Stood on their feet and cheered on one of our own who has become our hero. The audience leapt to the feet to join in the well deserved standing ovation. I've never EVER had this happen. People usually cheer politely for my award ceremony but yesterday, it was thunderous and all for Ellie.

So deserved.

It's just life, so keep dancing through it.


Amber said...

How inspirational! She definitely deserved Student of the Year. Love that quote, "It's just life, so keep dancing through it." :)

Meghan said...

What an amazing young woman! She sounds like such a strong girl - we can all learn a lot from her! Congrats on a successful recital - I've been loving the pictures!

Unknown said...

What a sweet post! Your student sounds like an amazing young woman!

Melissa said...

Wow. That is awesome! Love it!

Ashley said...

Aww, this is super sweet! She sounds like a pretty amazing girl!

Tayler said...

Over on Stage Left, Katie and I were blubbering like babies. Anddd I just started crying again looking at this picture. I've been full of tears for Studio K this past week. Fortunately, they're ALL happy tears :)