Monday, May 21, 2012

Words I Never Want My Kids to Say

I spend a lot of time with kids. My kids, other people kids, lots of kids. I overhear a lot of their conversations. I've compiled a list of words I hope I never hear my kids say. I'm not listing the obvious swear words here, people. :) Some words are just words I don't like the sound of, others are words I think are hurtful or mean.

1. Retarded.
This word makes me cringe. I hope my kids know the difference between someone being mentally challenged and the slang usage of this word. It's an ugly, awful word. The conotation this word has in our day and age is one of hurt, insult and embarrassment. Ugh.

2. Gay
Again, if they use this word, they better be using it properly. I take serious offense to people referring to something as gay. Gay has two meanings: joyous/happy or homosexual. I will often stop my students when they say something is "gay." I'll tell them I had no idea that  the shirt they called "gay" dates other shirts of the same sex. They usually laugh at my explanation but I hope it sinks in a little. Using gay in a derrogratory manner is the same to me as calling someone a dumb blonde or stupid Pollock. It just makes non sense.

3. Crap
I dislike the sound of this word so much! haha

4. Slacks
UGH. Loathe this word.

5. Shut up and Oh my God.
Two phrases I would prefer my kids not to say. I might be overreaching here, but I really don't like these phrases. Hush up or zip it is much kinder. Oh my goodness is just as easy to say. Be aware. Choose wisely.

6. Fart
I think it is so distasteful when little girls in my 3 or 4 year old class scream out I FARTED. So impolite! Please at least say you had gas and excuse yourself. Or bette yet, just politely excuse yourself and stop there. Yuck!

7. Mom, Dad. I want to go to Ohio State.
HAHA Kidding....sort of. ;)


Micah said...

I so agree. It bothers me when I hear my friends (my age) saying "retarded" and "gay" in a negative connotation. They say they don't mean it, but ... come on. There are other words to say what you're trying to say.

It also bothers me when people make light of suicide. Like, they say, "that makes me want to kill myself." Um. No. Not cool.

As for 7, I will have that issue if my kids want to go to the University of Iowa, so I hear ya. :)

Kristin said...

While we know what "retarded" actually means, as a teacher, we're not even allowed to use this word anymore to describe students who are mentally challenged (apparently it's considered to be insulting). Truthfully, we don't even use "mentally challenged"! We use "low cognitively". "He's just so low" or "She's so low on the cognitive scale" is how we describe these kids. So, in this case, I think the slang has taken over and the word will be used as such from here on out.

Unknown said...

Totally with you on OMG (I don't even like this abbreviation).

Kelly said...

My parents were super strict with words growing up too-- I remember never being able to watch The Simpsons because Bart told him parents to shut up. And crap?? Well that was the first "cuss" word that I uttered in 7th grade when taking out the trash. No one heard me though ;-)

Jess said...

At 27, I'm still hesitant to swear in front of my parents. And your last one totally made me laugh out loud. I'd like to add another one to that list : "I don't like the Steelers, I like the Ravens/Browns/Bengals" ... lol

Melissa said...

The "gay" one does offend me. I hear christian adults say it (college age or twenty-somethings) - "you're so gay" or "That's so gay" & it just BOTHERS ME.

I sometimes say retarded & immediately stop myself. I am not sure when i got in the habit of saying that (and i don't say it a lot!), but when i do i want kick myself! Working on that one! B/c i know it is a horrible word to say.

Meghan said...

AMEN! I correct my students all of the time, especially with the first two!