Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rory Undercoffer, You are 3.

Rory, My Rosie, My daughter, My princess,

You are three. Right at the moment this blog post publishes, you are three. THREE. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday, Daddy was waking me up from my C-section and telling me that, yes indeed I was the Mommy of a little girl.

Your name has been Rory for years. You were Rory before I even met your Daddy. Rory is special. Rory is unique. Rory is one in a million.

Sweetpea, the world is yours. As you dance and twirl your way through this rumble bumble journey called life, I pray that you will always know peace. You will find true love. You will find true friends. You will rest safely knowing your family is behind you. You will find passion. You will always be compassionate. You will desire to be educated. You will become a strong, independent, Jesus loving woman. My dear Rory...the world is ready for you.

I could post lots of pictures from the last year here. I could post funny stories or update the blog world on your statistics and accomplishments. But I dont need to. I remember it all. I tuck it away in my heart and I will tell you the tales whenever you want. I'm your Mama, Rory, and that's the best part about my life. Being Mommy to Rory and Trace. Thank you Jesus.

My wish for you this year Rory? It's simple. I want you to stay just as you are. Inquisitive. Snuggly. Effervescent. Rory.

One in a million.


Neely said...

Ummm will you be my mom? That post is so sweet. She is such a beautiful little girl! You are such a wonderful mommy. Happy Birthday Rory!!!

Unknown said...

This is wonderfully sweet! Happy Birthddy to your little princess!

Tayler said...