Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Are...Penn State!

Sunday we had a free day. No commitments what so ever! This rarely happens for us and since I start back to work in three weeks, we decided to take advantage of it. We loaded up the kids and head to State College. State College is home of Penn State, Dave's alma mater and a family favorite.

We walked around campus, strolled through downtown, visited the kids' godfather and his wife and then stopped at two iconic places.

First, the Lion Shrine.

Basically, a big Nittany Lion Statue that every good Penn State family takes pictures at. :) We hope to make this a yearly tradition and frame them all side by side in our basement. I didn't realize how slippery the status was though. Dave is holding Trace, obviously but Rory is just standing there. About 2 seconds after this picture, she took a nose dive off and proclaimed her hatred for the Lion. Oh well. :)

Next up, the Joe Paterno Statue. If you don't know who Joe Paterno is, obviously you don't watch college football. He's the winning-est collegiate coach of all time and he's been at Penn State for like 40 years. He's a wonderful MAN as well, an educator and benefactor. He recently donated a ton of money to the school to help with the hockey program and the religious studies department. A good man, JoePa. Plus he's adorable. :)

Dave, with Ro and Trace, at the Paterno Statue at Beaver Stadium. He was so excited to show PSU to Ro and Trace. We have high hopes they'll chose Penn State.

It was such a nice day! We had dinner at a 50's Diner called "Baby's" and Rory was free! Kids eat free on Sundays...even better. :)

Rory, at Baby's.

A nice, family day for us Undercoffers. I'm so blessed to have a great little family of my own. I don't take these three for granted for one second. Life is too precious.

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Neely said...

YAY for earth tones!!!!! And seriously I dont think Rory and Trace could be any cuter if they tried!

Ashley said...

what a fun weekend and a great way to spend the day as a family! The kiddos look like they had fuN! :)

Renee said...

What a great little get-a-way and memories for a lifetime!

Amber said...

How fun! Cute pics of the babies too :) I'm sure I've asked you this before, but where in PA are you from?