Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here we go Steelers!!

Today, I'm linking up with the adorable Lindsey over at Running Down a Dream for her Football Link Up today. Want to see more? Click on her button! Lindsey is a wonderful woman and a fantastic mom to McKayla. Check her out! You won't be sorry! :)

Running Down a Dream

Now...on to the football.

I'm a football fan. A big one. Okay. A HUGE ONE.

I'm a Steelers fan. We live in Western Pennsylvania. Where we live, there's 5 options of teams to be fans for: Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns. You will occasionally find a Jets fan (like my sister's boyfriend...stupid.) or even a misplaced Patriots fan. (SPIT ON THEIR NAME!)

But. The majority? STEELERS.

Steelers fans are loyal. Steelers fans are hardcore. We are found across the world, sticking together and professing our love for the Black and Gold.

I've been a Steelers fan my whole life, save for 2 years when I was a Tennessee fan. Don't ask, we all do stupid things in our youth! ;) Dave is a huge Steelers fan. Both our families are fans and we're raising our kids to be Steelers fans.

The Steelers are owned by the Rooney family and they play at Heinz Field. The Rooneys are one of the first families of football and they are class acts. In the past, they have released many players for poor behavior off the field. (Jeff Reed ring a bell?) YES. There's been tons of off field drama over the last few years, but we're dealing with it. It's being taken care of. Ben is really trying to turn his life around. He just got married for pete's sake! MOVING ON!

Dave has been to several games, I've been to one preseason game. I'm claustrophobic so sports games and I aren't really good friends. I watch them all on tv though! :)

Dave and I at training camp in 2008. Notice my broken out face and puffy cheeks? I was totally pregnant and didn't know it yet! :)

Okay for some reason I can't find ANY of my pictures from the games we've gone to. One game we were in the 12th row and I have fantastic pictures of Troy Polamalu...HOTNESS. Just pretend. :)

My favorite player at the moment is Heath Miller. He's a tight end. hehe I'm also a huge fan of Coach Tomlin. He looks exactly like Omar Epps from House. FOR REAL.

You had to know I was going post this.
Wiz Khalifa is a Pittsburgh boy...throwing this song out to the BLACK AND YELLOW!

Pittsburgh...city of champions!
Ice or grass, we'll kick your...butt. ;)
(Just don't talk about the Pirates. Sigh.)


Jess said...

Love me some Steelers (and all things Pittsburgh). My hubby is from Pittsburgh, but we live in central/eastern PA, so we're surrounded by Eagles fans.

Neely said...

Oh Lord....I cant deal with the Steelers but you're still ok :)

Kenj said...

My uncle is a huge steelers fan. They are so hardcore! I love it. But still..never root for the,!

LWLH said...


I assume you have your terrible towel all ready to go?!?

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I had a lapse in judgement as a child and was a Jaguars fan but I think it was more for the animal and not the actual team :)

Amber said...

You guys look so cute! My aunt (who lives in PA) is a huge Steelers fan!

Unknown said...

I love this post! I have a good friend from Champion, PA who is a huge Steelers fan! I also really like yalls coach. He really seems to have it together. Thanks for the kind words and for linking up, sweet friend!