Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life on the STAGE!

On Monday, I posted about my parents. That got me thinking...I've never really divulged how theatrical my family is. My mom has a cd, my sister lived in Nashville and pursued a recording career and has performed with Ricky Smith from American Idol. My dad does voice overs...we're theatrical.

In 10th grade, my mom began directing major musicals for our hometown theatre group. First up? Annie! Chelsea was Annie, my dad was Daddy Warbucks, I choreographed, Mom directed.

Then came Oliver. I was the Artful Dodger, Dad was Oliver's adopted dad, Mom directed, Chels was a pickpocket...with a broken arm. :)

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown was that summer. I was Lucy, Chels was Snoopy.

Then Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Yes, I choreographed. Yes, I lost 20 pounds during the run because I was so exhausted. Dad was Simeon, a son of Jacob, Chels and I were dancing wives, Mom directed. It was AMAZING. Sold out almost every night.

I'm sitting on the bottom step, right in front of the kid playing Joseph.

Godspell this summer! I played Sonia and Chels was Gilmer. This was the summer my parents opened their own theater!! Oh how I miss that building.

Then Cinderella. Chelsea was an Ugly Step Sister. I was in college. Not sad I missed this one. Another post for another day...HA!

Godspell again this summer. This was my first showmance. Awww!

I'm on the far right, super blonde hair and black sparkly dress.

The following summer, it was Little Women (not the musical.) I was Jo. We also did Honk! that summer, I was the Cat. My sister had knee surgery so she missed out on this summer entirely.

Little Women!

Honk! Holy skinny. Ohmygoodness.
That winter we did My Fair Lady. My sister was Eliza Doolittle and she brought the house DOWN. She was amazing. Beyond amazing. I cried I was so proud of her. I wish you could hear her sing. She's amazing. And she can act. And dance. She's fierce. :)

My parents also stage managed and technical directed all my dance recitals growing up. My dad built all our sets and my mom made the show flow. My teacher trusted them and it was a great relationship.

Since then, we haven't done any plays. It makes me so sad! But now my parents both have full time jobs again, so hopefully...we'll get back where we belong. On the stage, as a family. :)


Unknown said...

Wow, this is amazing!!! I love Little Women and My Fair Lady! What a talented family you have!!

Neely said...

So cool! I love Little Women! I did 2 plays and one musical in hs....Im not very talented haha

Liesl said...

I love this post! I got my BFA in Theatre/Acting and grew up doing school productions and on the stage and this makes me so happy to see and remember those fun times...I am totally with you at looking back and wanting to be a part of those productions and the bond that all the cast members make during the run of the shows! Super cute blog and fun title!

Liesl :)

Liesl said...

P.S. The fact that you love Diet Coke so much too, as I see in our little bio, makes me think you and I are even more is my true love and I think I sometimes need DCA aka Diet Coke Anonymous...hehe! :)

LWLH said...

Wow....look at the talent in your fam!

I think I might have been in a play in the 5th grade...I was a bear named Rudy : )

Ashley said...

That is very very cool!! Those are all awesome shows!