Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey, It's Okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

Today, I'm linking up for the first edition of It's Okay Thursdays, hosted by two of my faves, Neely and Amber. They are great!

It's okay...

To collapse on your bed the minute the kids go down for a nap. It's all good, we all need a break.

To spend an hour on Pinterest every night and shamelessly pin crafts you will never have time to complete!

To delete the RHONYC reunion 2 seconds in to it on your DVR because these ladies are stinking annoying! UGH! ANDY COHEN. Get rid of them all!! Except Sonja. Love her! Bethenney was so smart to get off the show.

To forget to get chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight...oops. Pizza it is.

To google who A is on Pretty Little Liars. Don't hate, I did it when I was pregnant with Trace and couldn't handle the suspense! I won't tell, promise. :)

To want to eat Chinese food every night of the week. As long as you don't do it.

To really like the tired feeling your legs get after a good elliptical workout.

To pin wedding ideas when you've been married 5 years. Maybe your sister will get married (or engaged!) sometime in the next few year. You'll be prepared with ideas.

To have no idea what color scheme/theme you want to go with for your blog makeover. Any suggestions?

To dream of someday owning a pair of Louboutins...even though you will never pay that much for shoes!

It's really okay. So much drama on blogs and Twitter lately...Yikes. I'm staying out of it!


Laura said...

For color scheme ideas look on pinterest for rooms and clothing and see what colors catch your eye. I want to make over my blog and that's what I did. (Of course I will probably never actually make over my blog. It takes time! And I don't think I want to pay someone.)

Becca Christensen said...

Hahaha you can give me cool wedding ideas when I get married...which won't be anytime soon, I doubt.

Loved the list. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.

star said...

I spend too time on Pinterest as well!

Ashley said...

I have only seen the first part of the reunion and it was making me anxious. I didnt like the fighting..the 2nd part is still on the DVR. I still havent gone on too scared it will consume even more time. Are you on twitter?

Meghan said...

Right? Bethenny was SO SMART to get out while she could!

Amber said...

I spend way too much time on Pinterest too. I can't believe you found out who A was! Thanks so much for linking up.

Neely said...

I pin stuff for a wedding all the time and Im not even engaged. NO SHAME! Thanks for linking up!

LWLH said...

I thought the same thing this season with RHONY. They are so annoying this season. Atleast Bethanny added some funny quips and one liners.

Ashley said...

OMG I can't believe I never thought to google who A was. I feel so dumb now. haha that was a smart idea!