Friday, August 12, 2011

Boob Tube Babble: SYTYCD

Boob Tube Babble

Sooo...So You Think You Can Dance wrapped up last night. I had all these fantastic plans at the start of the season to blog my thoughts on SYTYCD each week. Well...that happened once. HA. Maybe next year. I think now is an appropriate time to review this season.

Favorite Dance of the Season: Neil and Melanie's Contemporary to Total Eclipse of the Heart choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Favorite Contestant: MELANIE. Duh. In my opinion, she's hands down the best dancer to ever grace the SYTYCD stage. Her technique is flawless, her extensions are insane and her stage presence is beyond amazing. She also seems like such a humble and good person in general. Oh I want to be her when I grow up...wait.

Favorite Choreographer: This season...Travis Wall. I like Sonya and Mandy Moore a lot too but I think I have to say Travis was my overall fave.

Favorite Guest Judge: REALLY?! LADY GAGA of course! I'm boderline...okay totally obsessed with her. Even if she had nothing worthwhile to say and acted like a total idiot...I would have picked her anyways. :)

Dancer Who Went Home Too Soon: Miranda!! Not only is she from Pittsburgh (HOLLA) but she was such a star. I loved watching her. The tap dancing boy should have stuck around more too, because I wanted more tap!

Dancer Who Stayed Around Too Long: RYAN. Ugh. She bothered me so much when she danced. Yes, technically she was great. But her performance quality sucked. I really couldn't stand her. Someone needs to tell her to shut her mouth when she dances.

And what do I think of the results??


Laura said...

I love that Melonie won! She was my favorite and totally deserving of the win.

And I thought Miranda went home too soon as well. She was a star and they gave other people so many chances. Not sure why they let her go when they did. Mistake I think.

And Nick... the tapper... if they would have actually sent people home the first week he would have been around a lot longer. He was safe the first week but went home the second. I was sad about that because I think he would have been a nice surprise.

Unknown said...

Oh. Goodness! That was amazing! She jumped like ten feet!!!!!

Ashley said...

Wow! I haven't watched this season at all, but I watched this video, and...WOW!! That was an awesome routine!

Neely said...

So fun! I loved it!

Sarah E. said...

From that solo she performed in the Top 6 week - I knew she had it in the bag. She's just pure gold, that girl!

My fave choreographer is a toss-up between Sonya and Christopher Scott. Sonya has always been my favorite, but Chris Scott had the Mr. Smith-Matrix-door Top 10 Guys routine and the Sasha & Twitch "Misty Blue" routine that were just killer!

Oh hellz yeah to Gaga. I'm obsessed as well. :)

I'm not sure anyone went home "too soon" - I think this season was epic. I've only seen this one and 5 though, so..I don't have much to go by. The dancers were just amazing.

And I agree about Ryan. She was just annoying.