Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenege: Day 1

I'm linking up with cute Katie over at Katie's Journey for her 30 Day Blog Challenge. It's only Day 2, so there's plenty of time to catch up and join in. I'll be posting twice today because I didn't realize it started yesterday. :) I'll do it as often as I can...this is a busy month!

Day 1: Recent Picture, Introduction and 15 Interesting Facts.

Well, my name is Kate. I'm 25. I have been married for almost 4 years to my golf-obsessed, junk food loving, Steelers fanatic husband, Dave. He's the best. We have one daughter, Rory, whom is 17 months old. Our son (!!) is due to arrive...any second now! (Technically, his C-section is the 25th of this month, but he can come whenever he pleases at this point.) I own a dance studio and I have been a dancer my entire life. It is my purpose and my drive. We live in a tiny town in the forest.

A recent picture? Ugh! I'm officially HUGE, thanks to my son. :) I'll oblige you though.

That's me in the back in the black shirt. Rory is beside me, my sister beside her and my parents to the left of the screen.

15 Interesting Facts

1. I got a new phone this weekend, a Droid X. It is quite confusing!
2. I love to cook, but can't do it when I'm pregnant. It makes me sick.
3. My sister and I are covalently bonded.
4. Dave is a terrible bed sharer. Last night, he rolled over and smacked in the chest so hard it woke me up and made me cry! hahaha
5. At this current moment, Trace is kicking my belly button. Square in the belly button. What a kid. :)
6. I have a real problem with Diet Caffeine Free Coke. I do curb myself though by drinking water and milk as much as I can at home. I try to reserve my DC needs for restaurants and dinner.
7. I could easily get a pedicure every week. I just don't want to pay for it.
8. That being said, I'm kind of a tight wad. Okay, not kind of. Totally a tight wad and proud of it! I love to budget and plan.
9. I could sit and watch old Disney movies all day long.
10. Rory's toys all over the living room drive me nuts, but there's no where else to keep them right now. This house is too small!
11. There are 27 stairs up to my studio. It makes me want to cry every day when I stare up at them from the bottom. I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.
12. Rory is still asleep. This never happens, just so you know.
13. I'd give just about anything to have a coffee shop in this little town.
14. My toenails are currently painted blue, in celebration of this baby boy who is set to arrive.
15. I watch Gilmore Girls every day. :)

Join in!!

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Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

So glad that you are participating and congrats on your soon to be born son! So exciting! A good friend of mine just had her daughter yesterday and it was so much fun! I could so get a pedicure every week too but I have to limit myself to once a month. Looking forward to getting to know you better over the next month!