Thursday, October 21, 2010

Days 10 and 11

Yep, another double post. Get used to it. haha I'm scheduled for my c-section Monday, so posts will be few and far between next week...but for GREAT reason!! :)

Day 10: Something of which you are Afraid.

Hmmm...this is kind of embarrassing for me. I'm afraid of a few things, the first and foremost being farm animals, mainly horses. (Do NOT laugh at me! hahahaha) I have a huge fear of being trampled to death by a huge horse or bull or something. Ridiculous, I know. I do think horses are beautiful to watch from a far but I will never ride one. No way.

I'm also afraid of being stopped on train tracks and my car getting hit by a train. You might think this fear is irrational, BUT! A few months ago, I was driving through a town near by and didn't know their Rail Road crossing signs and lights were broken. (Who would know?!) And literally, 30 seconds after I go over the tracks, I hear the whistle and see the lights of a train heading down the tracks. I almost peed myself!! Thankfully, no one was caught off guard and the train started blowing it's whistle very early to warn people but it scared me beyond belief.

I'm scared of weird things. Holy moly. haha

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows
This is a good one for me! Dave and I love to hang out in the evenings and watch our shows, especially on the DVR.

Gilmore Girls (Hence why my daughter is named RORY!)
The Office
Top Chef
Law and Order: SVU
So You Think You Can Dance?
Sunday/Monday Football
Monk (Even though it's over, we love the reruns)
19 Kids and Counting
The Closer
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Best Thing I Ever Ate
Extreme Makeover-Home Edition

Okay that seems like a huge list, but there are lots of season shows on there. Also, 90% of our shows we record on the DVR and I end up watching during my sleepless nights. Being pregnant does that to you. (haha) In fact, I have 15 episodes of Gilmore Girls saved up on the DVR, which will be up to 20 by the end of the weekend, for those first weeks of no sleep when Trace gets here. It's all gooooood. :)

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Caroline said...

Most of my shows are on the DVR too. We usually try and catch up on the weekends.