Saturday, October 9, 2010


Dave is at the Penn State game this weekend, staying with Rory's godfather and his wife. I am not attending. I am not disappointed. I love Penn State, don't get me wrong. Lots of people in my family have gone to State and I considered it heavily myself. It's a fantastic school and the atmosphere at the games is ELECTRIC. I love the Blue Band, the cheerleaders, JoePa, all of it.


I do NOT love Beaver Stadium.

(picture from Google Images)

See that? That's 110,000 people! It's way too crowded for me. I am claustrophobic and that stadium makes me feel like everyone is sitting on top of me. I hate it. I also don't appreciate the drunk, belligerent college students all over the place. Sure, tailgating is fun but it doesn't need to be ridiculous. I should not have to have the f word screamed in my ear over and over again. UGH! Heinz Field is not like that. The NFL, The Rooneys and the entire Steelers Organization is much tougher on crowd control. I much much much prefer that stadium and that game surroundings.

I miss Dave, though. I'm glad he's having a pre-baby "hurrah!" with his friends but I am lonely without him! haha

I got a new phone today. Verizon was running a special where if you upgrade to a Smartphone, you can upgrade now, regardless of when your upgrade is due. Sweet. I did. I got the Droid X. I've been wanting a Smartphone so I can have more studio documents, scheduling, email, etc. I really do need it because my work computer is at home, not at the studio, and people always need info from me that's on the computer.
Can I just say my phone is confusing?! Oh goodness gracious. I need a tutorial! hahaha The guy at the store told me I can do a webinar to learn about my phone. I felt like I was 80 years old, trying to learn the computer when he told me that one! I'll figure it out...slowly. :)


I finally bought a double stroller today! Kinda forgot about that little detail...ahem. I got a green and brown one that's really nice! It matches my new ginormous diaper bag and Trace's car seat. (Which was Rory's.) That's one nice thing about not knowing the sex of the baby when we had Rory. EVERYTHING "gear" related is neutral. Everything is brown and green, which is still super cute, but practical for a girl or a boy. Nice that we didnt have to buy anything new unless we wanted to! The only thing we've really spent money on is the new stroller. We did redo his nursery, but the furniture was all fine. Not bad at all!

He'll be here 2 weeks from Monday, fyi. Thank goodness!

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Laura said...

We bought all the baby equipment neutral even though we knew we were having a girl. It's just smart. :)

Let me know when you need the double jogger stroller back. I would have got it to you by now but well... Trace will need to be able to sit up to use it. But if you want it it's yours. ha.