Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A (very) Late Vacation Post

This year, my Yancosek side of the family (yes, that's Polish!) decided to do a group vacation. My mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend, Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins, Dave, Rory and I all rented a house in the Outer Banks for a week. It was absolutely the best way to take a 1 year old on vacation! Rosie had her own room for her pack n play to sleep in, lots of room to run around, big bath tubs for baths. We ate breakfast and lunch at the house every day, so she got her regular food for at least 2 meals a day. She was a very happy camper!

It was also the most comfortable vacation for me as well! I don't like hot hot hot days period, but especially when pregnant. Talk about uncomfy! But the house was air conditioned and I got to just relax most of the days.

We did go out to eat, hit the beach, hit the pool, go site seeing...all the good beach stuff, but most it was just nice to be with my family for a week.

So here's lots of pictures, because let's face it. My kid is pretttttty cute and you know you want to see 80,000 pictures of her. ;)

Rory examining a steamed Maryland Blue Crab. (My dad is from Southern Maryland, so crabs are a big part of the family. :))

Rory and Kaari dancing at a 50's style diner in the Outer Banks called "Big Al's." We met Al! He was not big at all!

Rory going crabbing. :)

My family! Not half bad, all things considered.

Best picture of the trip. Dave by the "No Crabbing" sign. I could use one of those signs at home! :)

Rory at sunset on the Sound.

Rory on the Pirate Ship Adventure. Her pirate name was Riptide Rory. haha

Ro being crazy on the pirate ship.

My insane family. :)

Rory through the deck slats at a crabhouse. (Thanks Hemdal Photography!)

Disclaimer, all these pictures were stolen from my dad and sister's Facebooks because I didn't even get my camera out on vacation. I was too darn tired! :)


Laura said...

Great pics!

That pic of Dave is HILARIOUS!!

The best way to vacation with little ones is with the whole family. :)

Kelly said...

Awww, what great pictures!! Looks like you all had a BLAST!! :-D Relaxing and spending time with the family... my kind of vacay!