Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Date Ever...Valentine's Challenge

Linking up today with Amber, Neely and Casey for the first day of their Valentine's Challenge!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Today's topic...Best Date Ever.

Crack. Me. Up.

My best date with Dave is so easy. Rory was born in May, 2009 and we went through a rough adjustment phase after that. I think a lot of parents do. It wasn't that our marriage was bad, it was just going through a rough spot. When we finally came out the other end, I rewarded us with a trip to Disney World. Dave had never been and I've been a LOT. (My brother worked there for a few years.) 
While on our trip in February, 2010, we were celebrating our third anniversary. We went for dinner one night at the California Grille on top of the Contemporary Resort. It's a beautiful hotel and a swanky restaurant. MAJ expensive.

Our food was awesome, the drinks were delicious. The staff decorated our table for our anniversary. We laughed, we talked, we people watched. When the sun set, we went out on the roof and watched the fireworks show "Wishes" over the castle in the Magic Kingdom. 

I mean, really? Does it get more romantic? :)

We got lost trying to get back to our hotel, took the wrong monorail, Dave told the bus driver we were staying at a different hotel...but in 7 years of being with Dave, I can't remember laughing and enjoying ourselves so care freely as we did that night. My favorite person, my favorite place. That's about all it takes to make me happy. :)


Neely said...

How sweet!!

Ashley said...

Very sweet!

Emily said...

i LOVE the contemporary at WDW! Sounds like an amazing date!

Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome date :)