Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Basics.

I've been reading a lot of fellow bloggers Resolution/Goal posts for 2012. Man you guys. If we all follow through, we're going to be unstoppable! I'm pumped. :) I've noticed a lot of bloggers desiring to draw closer to God and find their roots back in the Bible.

I love this. This is a goal I have every day of my life.


I want to contribute. I'm far from a "perfect" Christian, but I was raised by two Bible believing, God fearing parents and thrive on my relationship with Jesus. I am working on my own connections with God this year as well and I think we should all work together. So here it is. Every Sunday (or most Sundays, anyways) I'm going to post something inspirational. A song, a scripture, a devotion. A question I have, a book I've read, a quote I've seen. Anything goes. Anything that I've read/seen/heard that falls in to the "inspirational" category. And I'm starting this week.

This isn't an official link up, at least not yet. I just thought maybe if I took the time on Sundays to blog about something that really matters, then maybe it'd help me stat my blogging week off on the right foot. Join in if you want. It never hurts to get inspired. :)



Laura said...

Great idea Kate!

I like to post a song on Sundays. Not sure if anyone ever listens to them haha but it always makes me think.

Ashley said...

I love this Kate! I will occasionally post a video or song lyrics or something on Sundays, but I think every Sunday would be a great way to start of the week!

Nichole @ casadecrews.com said...

Following over from Neely's blog! I like your idea for Sundays! I just posted about my 2012 "hopes" and being more into church was on my list, lol.

Melissa said...

Love it! And love that verse!

Unknown said...

Good idea! Can't wait to read your Sunday posts :)

Emily said...

Love that idea for Sundays! If you make it a link-up I would definitely link up!