Friday, May 20, 2011

I Love Dance

I'm not going to be around this weekend. Why you ask?

Well, I'm taking 29 of my favorite students (and 6 adults dancers!) to our big competition of the season! I LOVE DANCE in Pittsburgh. I'm so excited I can't stand it! We started preparing in July for this year's competition season and it has really paid off. My kids look great! They aren't perfect, but they are perfectly right where they need to be. 99% of them have logged hours and hours of hard work, long days and nights in the studio, putting up with me and my two assistants constantly stopping and correcting them.

Hard work pays off. They look great!

I'm sure I will be tweeting updates through out the day on Sunday. (@567k8) The entire competition takes place on Sunday. Usually it's at least 2 days, sometimes even three. This time though it's all on one day. Convenient, but hectic! I have to be in the ballroom at 6:45 am and final awards start at 9:15 pm. I have 28 dances performing. Solos, duets, groups, every size imaginable! Even my adult tap class is competing this year. :)

All this is to say...things will be quiet around 567Kate this weekend and Monday. I'm praying everyone on my team stays healthy and well, energetic and excited. It's a big deal to these kids and they deserve a great weekend!

Hope this weekend brings you all sun, warm weather and relaxation. :)


Unknown said...

Good luck to your students! Right before the dance recital, to?! You're brave!

Neely said...

Good luck to all the dancers! Makes me hardcore miss my ballet days!