Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dave is an amazing Dad. He accomplished something last night with Ro that we have been putzing around with for months.

We started trying to get her in her big girl bed before Trace was born. I knew he would be a c-section and I was nervous about trying to lift up all 23 pounds of Rory from the bottom of crib with a big old incision.

We failed in October.

We failed again at Christmas time.

We failed a THIRD time in February.

But DAVE succeeded last night!

I got a call around 6 last night at dance from Rory and Dave. Rory, in her two year old jumble speak, told me she "gave cribby to Trace" and was going to "sleep in big girl bed." She and Dave had taken apart her crib and put it in Trace's room for him. (His crib is now trashed. It was on it's last legs, after 2 years of constant use.) Dave let Rory help him tighten all the screws on her bed, assemble Trace's "new" crib, make her bed, pick out her blankets, tuck in Warehouse Mouse and Hoppy Bunny, the whole deal.

When I got home, she was peacefully sleeping in her bed, no tears were shed AT ALL. She didn't wake up one time in the night and when I went to get her at 7:30 this morning, she was sitting on her bed, talking to her stuffed animals and waiting for me. I was SHOCKED and so impressed with Dave and with Rory. She's two on Friday and no more crib?! LOVE IT.

Dave, you are a great dad! Care to take over potty training? :)


Unknown said...

Good job, Daddy! :)

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Neely said...

Good job Dave!