Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Lately, I've been indulging myself in some material guilty pleasures so that I don't eat my feelings. (lol!) My typical stress response is to run straight to the kitchen for a giant diet coke and whatever junk I can lay my hands on.

Well, in January I started a real life change. I'm not perfect and there have been days where I've headed straight to the oreos but those are just days. Moments. Not my entire lifestyle. I've been doing arm workouts, instead of just pinning them. I've been drinking enough water to refill the Atlantic. I'm sleeping better, taking my vitamins...I'm trying and that's 90% of the battle!

So what have I been doing to manage my stress and help me calm down?

Indulging in these things...

Private Practice Marathons on Netflix

Online Shopping...I load my cart up and then not buy anything! It's really fun, honestly, and sometimes you get a coupon in your email a day later or so when you have things in your cart but don't buy them. :)

Although, I did buy something from the Kate Spade sale last week. Shout out to Neely for enabling my love of all things Kate Spade by posting about the sale on twitter. :)

Planning things for Disney.

Oh my goodness gracious, I can't wait for these little faces to be back in Walt Disney World!

Watching old dance recitals

Planning next year's recital...and ignoring my two mile to do list for this years.:)

Etsy browsing! It's a blackhole of awesome.

Tweeting. A lot.

Painting my nails  (I'm getting pretty good at my right hand!)

Napping (hehe)

Things I should be doing but choosing not to...laundry. Cleaning. Going through the kids clothes. Meal planning. The Studio's taxes (don't worry, I WILL do this one! :))...

But you know what? Anything I do that isn't eating is a win in my book!

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