Monday, December 16, 2013

Mondays with The Mouse: Etsy Disney

I'm re-starting my Mondays with the Mouse see, I think about Disney about 75% of the time. My kids love all things pixie dusted, I love the movies, the shows, the's actually a sickness. ;)

For as long as I see fit, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Disney tips, tricks, crafts, finds, etc right here on the old blog! And please, if you are planning a Disney trip and want any advice or help, ask!! I love love love helping people plan their trips and would be more than happy to offer my experience and opinions for good. (Can I make a living planning people's Disney trips? I'd so do that...)

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite Disney finds, via Etsy. I'll link all the shops so you can check things out for yourself!

These ADORABLE matching Mickey and Minnie Hoodies come from IbraMark. I could never get Dae to wear these with me...but I can force R and T to wear them :)

This print, featuring one of my most favorite quotes from my favorite  ride, (The Carousel of Progress), comes from Designs by Nicolina. I wouldn't be made to get this for my birthday next month...

How cool is this?! It comes from the Totally Disney shop. We definitely need one for our house...and I think a Studio K one would be so cool for the studio!

I'm really into these cute light up blocks lately. I love the way they look on a mantle or bay window. The glow is nice on a quiet night. I think this would look fantastic on our tv stand...hint hint hint DAVE! :) It comes from the super cute shop, ShopMissEloise.

I MEAN! How cute is this dress?! It'd be perfect for school or regular wear, and extra great for a Disney trip. Rory will definitely be getting this little lovely for our trip in June! It comes from a great Disney themed shop, LittleDebsDresses.

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