Monday, September 10, 2012

What happened?

I have a problem. My daughter has a serious issue with "guys," as she calls them. She doesn't like men...well men that aren't her brother, dad, Grandpas or cousin Connor. Some of her uncles are okay, but not all. She doesn't like to do "guy things," "ride in guy cars," or watch "guy shows."

I have no clue where this came from.

At first I thought it was because all summer, Dave and Trace would do special things together and Rory and I would do special things together. I thought maybe with me going back to work 2 weeks ago, she was missing our mom-daughter time and that was how she was expressing it..

Nope. Not it. She has told me repeatedly she likes to do things with Daddy and she loves to play with Trace.

Today, at the doctor, our usual PA, Jan, was out sick. We saw one of the male doctors. We've seen him plenty of times before, he was actually the pediatrician in the hospital when Rory was born. She's familiar with him. He's SUPER nice. (All the Dr's in our practice are wonderful.) She threw an out right fit. Screaming, kicking, sobbing, hitting, wiggling away. I had to hold her down to get her ears checked. This is not Rory behavior. Every single other time she's gone to the doctor, it's been fine. She loves the secretary and the nurses, knows where the toys are, she usually loves visiting. In fact, when my sister was doing her Peds rotation at the office, we went down a few times just to hang out. We've spent a lot of time at the doctor since Trace was born because he was such a mystery baby with all his digestive issues. Rory's never had a problem before. Even after shots, she's fine in a few minutes.

I have no idea what to do. I encourage Rory to play with Trace, spend time with Dave...but it's not them she has a problem with. Granted, she doesn't spend a lot of time with boys/men that aren't in our family. There's a few boys at dance, some in her preschool class, but for the most part it's all women. Her Sunday School teacher is a woman, preschool teacher is a woman, she doesn't go to Daycare....

What do I do? Set up play date with boys I know are close to her age to encourage her to play well with boys? Ignore it? She needs to be an equal opportunity friend. ;) She clearly can't throw a fit every time she has a "guy" Doctor, especially when all he is doing is taking her temperature and checking her nose and ears.

Being a mom is so hard sometimes.


Unknown said...

Not that I have any advice, but at least she still loves her daddy and brother :)

Unknown said...

Not that I have any advice, but at least she still loves her daddy and brother :)