Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two toddlers.

It's been a while since I've done a day in the life post. Things sure have changed around here since I last did this. Trace was still a baby baby and now, he's fully toddler! He even wants to use the potty. Monkey see, monkey do. Rory is 99% potty trained. She only wears diapers for naps and nighttime. Most of the time she wakes up dry from her nap and she's been doing a LOT better overnight too. Thank the Lord! :)

Here's our morning...Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

7:00: My alarm goes off. I'm up, begrudgingly. I stayed up until well after 1 am finishing Mockingjay. My Katniss problem needs an intervention. No sound on either monitor yet, though. I get to watch the news for a little bit! After 20 minutes with the Today show, I decide to haul my butt out of bed.

7:30: Here come the troops! Cries of Dada! Dada! can be heard through out the house. Trace is up. He's 100% Daddy's boy. He wants Daddy the minute he gets up and is not good at hiding his disappointment when it's mommy he gets. :) Rory's up too. First round of diaper changes and potty trips begin.

7:50: Breakfast! Yogurt and peanut butter toast for everyone. Even Mom today.

8:15: Breakfast is over. Change clothes, brush hair and teeth, wash faces. First fight of the day! Woo! Trace stood on the stool Rory wanted. Obviously that means they need to kick each other over it. I just answer the phone and let them duke it out. Whatever.

8:30: Magic hour! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse...and my kids are quiet. Rory's playing shapes on the ipad, Trace is driving cars and trucks around on the floor. I get 30 full minutes to waste on Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks, Mickey. See yah real soon.

9:00: I decide today will be chores day. I pick up toys, which Trace immediately tosses back out of toy boxes. I fold laundry, which Trace immediately dumps out of the basket and back on to the floor. I refill snack containers, Trace pulls the boxes back out of the trash. He's the anti-helper. :) During all of this, Rory is quite happily playing letters, numbers, shapes and phonics games on my ipad. Learning time? Check!

10:00: Did I really spend an entire hour doing chores? Solid. Time to get dinner made for Dave tonight.  I multitask here, making chicken enchiladas, watching Celebrity Apprentice, putting dishes away and making Minnie Mouse head centerpieces for Rory's upcoming birthday party. Snacks and juice cups are distributed. Diaper change happens, as well as 2 false alarm attempts to use the potty.

10:40: We've been having a really calm morning. One kid fight is all?? Until now. Rory gets really mad at Trace because he's holding an unopened bag of cheese for me (he needed a there you go) and won't give it to her. She hits him in the back of the head with a My Little Pony. That equals a trip to her room to chill out so off she goes. She doesn't even throw a fit, she knows she's not allowed to smack her brother with toys. About 2 minutes later, I can't find Trace. He's not under my feet like normal so I go looking. He's in Rory's room with her, reading books on her bed. Calmly. Peacefully. With. His. Sister. I back away slowly, hoping this moment lasts.

11:00: They played for almost 15 minutes in Rory's room WITHOUT FIGHTING!! They were singing something, reading books and throwing stuffies at each other. Happily. I'm a happy mama. Time for lunch!

11:15: The kids chow down on grapes, hot dogs and cheese puffs for lunch while watching some Veggie Tales. We talk about David and Goliath a little bit and of course, Rory needs to pray for the Giant Pickle RIGHT NOW so we do.

11:30 Trace has a diaper blowout in back, a face/hair/shirt full of ketchup in the front. Sick. I hate the smell of ketchup. Diaper change, clothes changed, face and hair washed. Trace goes down for an early nap today.

11:50: Rory is tired and asks to go to nap now, instead of when Veggie Tales is over. Fine with me! A quick reading of Clifford's Halloween Costume, a couple verses of the Wheels on the Bus and a prayer for the Shadowman (from the Princess and the Frog) and she drifts off peacefully.

Noon: Dinner is made for Dave tonight. I throw together a quick quesedilla for my own lunch and scarf it down while watching Bethenney. I've got 2 hours if I'm lucky to work, shower, get dressed and ready for my real work tonight...sigh.


Laura said...

Aww... my favorite times are when the kids play nice together. Isn't it the sweetest!

Unknown said...

I'm kinda glad you stopped at noon. I was exhausted.

Amber said...

I'm sure it's totally exhausting, but being a Mama sounds fun :) One day!