Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby slings...?

So this son of mine (squeeeee!) is due to arrive in the middle of October. Official C-section Day is not set yet, but mid-October is a good estimate. This means I will get one week off entirely and then two weeks of light duty before I go back to the studio full time. Fine, I can handle that. It's really not that bad. Here's my question.

I'm interested in getting a baby sling to "wear" Trace while I am teaching for the first few weeks back. That is the easiest and safest thing for us both. Rory will be at daycare or a family member's until after Thanksgiving when I am working, but I want Trace with me. I didn't do a sling with Rory because it was summer and it was HOT when she was little. It will be fall/winter with Trace though, so it'd be nice and cozy for him.

Any recommendations on good slings? I can't nurse due to some physical issues so it doesn't need to have that capability. Any slings to avoid?



Laura said...

Got ya covered Kate. I will bring my ring sling with me next week when I come to St. Marys. If you like it you can use it for as long as you need to. It's great because it can be used so many different ways... newborn all snuggly, facing you, facing forward, on your hip or like a piggy back.

And it's pretty comfortable. I always felt like the backpack ones... wether on the front or back... put too much strain on my shoulders and I would get tension headaches from them (I can have that problem with big purses as well ugh.) but the ring sling didn't bother me nearly as much.

Hilf Family said...

The women in my church LOVE the Moby wraps -

As to which ones to avoid:

Yay for your baby boy!


Marguerite said...

I used both a ring sling and a moby wrap. You can use the moby in lots of different positions so I felt like it grew with Lily, where she grew out of the ring sling faster. I liked the ring sling whens he was teeeeeny tiny (4lbs) because I did kangaroo care. Here is a demo of what a ring sling looks like . And you can just google moby wrap and see lots of pictures. Those are my recommendations! Good luck, and I love the name Trace!


Genelle said...

I have a Peanut Shell and a Moby Wrap and I like them both for different reasons. I would REALLY like a ring sling (there are many varieties of ring sling) as they seem the easiest to put on and wear and have extra features like pockets large enough to hold a diaper change, cell phone, keys, credit card, etc. Also there is a long "tail" and even though you don't nurse it would be great to put over the head of your baby when he is napping and you want to shield him from some of the room noise. Just be careful to make sure he has room to breathe, but you know that. What am I saying? lol! :)

Lyndsie said...

Hey Kate!! You won a giveaway on my giveaway blog! Please email me with your contact information!

Thanks so much and Congratulations!