Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Okay, I'm posting again in an effort to keep my blog current. I figure over posting is better than no posting at all! :)

I've decided that I am making a New Year's Resolution this year that I can actually keep. Last year I resolved to be a better bookkeeper and handle my funds better. I achieved this goal, I have to say. I still can do better (who can't??) but I'm giving myself a gold star for this one. I know where every CENT I spent went this year, sans the occasional cup of coffee or quick lunch out. But those were all cash and don't count. Any time I used my check book or bank card, I have a copy and a reciept. I have it all in my accordion file folder. Bank statements? Check! Deposit records? Check! Neat and tidy tuition spreadsheets? Check!! I need to spend a couple weeks organzing all the receipts and things, but I think I can get my taxes filed by the end of February this year!! Usually my goal is March 30, but this year, I'm going to be early early early. :o)

This year coming up I am resolving myself to a healthier lifestyle. I gained weight when I was pregnant. More than I needed to. Well, I need to be honest. I gained weight AFTER I was pregnant. When I was pregnant, I was sick all the time and really only gained 12 pounds the entire time. Which I lost promptly after delivery.

Then regained.

Twice over.


I weigh about 40 pounds more now than I did in high school. Which really, I need to cut myself a little slack here. I went to college, where most people gain weight. I got married, which makes most people gain weight. I had a baby, which makes most people gain weight. Three major things in a span of 5 years. So really, 40 pounds could be a WHOLE lot worse! I am done feeling bad about it. I am recognizing it as a problem and I'm resolving to make it better.

I am giving myself a timeline of June 5 to be done with this nonsense. That's 6 months after my birthday and also, conveniently, my dance recital. That's 6 months away, which averages out to less than 7 pounds a month. Hello! I can do THAT. I am focusing on my smaller goal of 6.5 pounds a month. That is so easily achievable and a totally healthy pace for my body type. And actually, making a few small changes and uping my exercise should be all it takes to lose at that nice pace.

I have vices, as does everyone. Let's discuss them....

1) My husband's snacks. OMG. Let me just say. I love my Dave with my whole heart but the man SNACKS. He eats sugar and junk 24-7. And he never gains an ounce. (Jealous, totally jealous!! :)) It's not his fault. It's my fault that I eat his snacks. I am resolving at this time to NOT eat the candy or chips. I haven't eaten the ice cream he always has around since before Thanksgiving. If I can do that, then I can do this! I will move the majority of them in to the back room where we keep his lunch food. (Chips, bags of cookies, etc.) This will help me so much. Out of sight, out of mind.

2) Coffee. I love my coffee. I am still going to be a coffee drinker. I am going to change my regimen though to skim milk (that's my preference anyways) and 0 calorie sweetener. This makes coffee basically harmless. The caffeine isn't the greatest, but I have to say. I need a little something to get me through my days. I work at home and take care of Rory all morning then work 3-9 each night. That, my dears, requires caffeine!

3) Not eating breakfast. Ugh. I hate breakfast foods, but I do like fruit and toast and some cereal. (Especially Special K! Delish) So there's the answer to something good.

4) Not drinking enough water. I used to be such a good water drinker, but lately I've been slacking. I recently bought myself the neatest water bottle and it's 24 oz. If I drink 3 full bottles a day, well then. There you have it.

It's frustrating and tiring, this journey. But I've always achieved my goals in the past, through hard work, prayer and committment. I AM doing this this time! And I'm going to look pretty darn cute when it's over. :)

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Laura said...

You look pretty darn cute right now!

Mike still eats his sweets... we've just agreed that he won't bring anything in the house unless it has coconut because that won't tempt me at all. During the summer he leaves all his snack food in the car. Out of sight out of mind.